For the majority of the magazine industry, it seems that print magazines are starting to die out. I have heard this fact stated over and over again. It would appear that print magazines just cannot keep up with the new social media and technological advances that are happening today, and their death is inevitable.

Or is it?

I read an article from Business Insider recently, about 13 very expensive magazines that are still thriving in print today. All of the magazines were ones that most people have not heard of, and that most people probably could not afford. A few of them were even $150 for one year’s subscription! (Here’s the link to the article if you’re curious:

I found it very interesting that magazines that cost so much, and were generally only available in print, could still be resisting the growing trend. Additionally, many of the magazines were only 5 or 6 issues total for a subscription, and still cost quite a bit. Yet it seems that the reason these magazines are succeeding is their tendency to target to a certain public. For example, one called Parabola focuses specifically on religion, talking about religious symbols, myths, art and rituals. It doesn’t seem that many people would be interested in subscribing to a magazine like that, but apparently the company’s high prices and quality of articles, which creates a dedicated fan base, keep it going.

This just goes to show, some of the most important ways that a magazine publication can gain readers are through pleasing its current audience, making a quality product, and targeting one group specifically.