In the past, people would go to big magazine labels, such as People, to learn about their favorite celebrities and any new information about their lives. However, the trend nowadays is for the public to go straight to the source – the celebrities themselves.

Social media sites like Facebook or Twitter have become increasingly popular for celebrities. They can choose to say whatever they would like (within reason) and get it out instantly to the hundreds or thousands of people that follow their accounts, instead of letting the paparazzi decide how the public will view them.

An example of this situation is the recent birth of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. According to the Huffington Post, normally when celebrities have children large magazines will fight over who gets to release the first pictures, usually offering giant amounts of money to the couple as bribery. However, in this case, Jay-Z and Beyonce posted the pictures themselves, to Jay-Z’s Tumblr account.

This simply shows how the field for magazines, and how they can bring about public relations to celebrities, is constantly changing. Magazines may have to step up their publications in some way if they want to gain the power over and respect of celebrities that they once had.

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