So I found this video on YouTube the other day (just a side note: YouTube is one of my most favorite things ever, and I’m slightly addicted. Bascially.).

This man, Mark Clifton, actually has quite a few videos talking about marketing and public relations, and I happened to find this one involving tips on how to create your own online magazine, (or, as it is apparently called, a Web-Zine). From 1:41 on, he talks about public relations and communicating with people that subscribe to your magazine.

Clifton says that it is important to keep the people subscribing to your magazine feeling important and involved. This is especially true when you first start out, since you probably don’t have many readers or publicity. And nothing is stronger in public relations than people telling other people something positive about your product. So keep people feeling involved, and your magazine will be well on it’s way to becoming the next big thing!