In my last post, I talked about how magazines promote themselves through public media on the Internet in general. This time I want to delve more specifically into the area of social media, and how magazines are using this newfound phenomenon in their PR campaigns.

According to Mashable, a website that discusses various kinds of social media, there are a number of ways (seven to be exact) that magazines can use social media to draw in new readers through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. If you would like to read this article yourself, here is the link:

One of these ways is through collaborating with other magazines and newspapers, by reblogging information that readers might find relevant to their lives. Although this might seem counterproductive at first (who wants to tell people that they should read another magazine, not yours, to find out something?), it actually works well in a round-about sort of way. Gaining readers’ trust is one of the ways that magazines can draw people in, and if a publication honestly says, “Hey, I don’t have this information, but you can go here to find it,” not only will people think the publication is trustworthy, they will also realize that when the magazine does publish something, they  must know what they are talking about.

Another way that magazines are using social media sites to attract their public is more obvious; they use sites like Twitter and Facebook to update their followers in real time with experts in the field and important information that the people may want to know immeadiately. Being able to communicate with experts can make readers realize how valuable the publication is, and can also let them see how many connections the publication has in higher places.They can also conduct contests, which can draw people in most effectively. (At least, I know I often join contests if the prize is something I really want, even if I have never hear of the company before.) Events are also easier to do, such as when inviting people via sites like Facebook, since a magazine company can simply press a button and all of its followers will be notified of the event.

And one of the biggest advantages of social media sites: THEY ARE FREE (generally). Free publicity (as long as its postive) is something every magazine desires. To get your name out there, so people will actually be thinking about you.

(I left out quite a few of the other reasons that magazines will use social media sites, so if you are interested in learning more about this, again here is the link to the article: Also, for an example of a magazine’s social media site, go to!/dogfancy,!/peoplemag, or!/vogue.)